Paint Correction

The ultimate goal when correcting the paint on a vehicle is to leave a flawless finish, free from any and all imperfections; Even a car straight from the factory or dealer can have imperfections in the paint.

While the goal is leave a perfect finish this can not always be achieved due to some RDS (Random Deep Scratches) being to deep to safely remove and its this reason that it would be impossible for us to estimate the work with out first having a look at the vehicle.
Almost any vehicle can achieve some level of correction and regain the depth and clarity. It must be noted that the paints health (thickness) does dictate how far the polishing process can be taken safely.

Our paint correction services range from simple spot treatments to full vehicle services and are often combined with our other services.

From £POA

Please Note: All prices are shown as a guide only. The steps shown are for example only and can vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Price is determined by paint type, size and condition of vehicle .We will always discuss the work required with our client before the work commences to make sure that we get the best possible result for our client.

The following images highlight the difference that our paint correction services can achieve. You can clearly see where the defects have been removed leaving a lovely finished surface.