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Refined Detail

Our Refined detail will clean, enhance and refine your vehicles overall appearance . Reducing and removing small to medium defects which permanently enhances the finish of your vehicle. Providing you with crisp, deep clarity and vastly improved gloss.
Using a methodological process we will deeply clean the vehicle, utilising our safe wash process we ensure that no more wash marring or swirls marks are inflicted. After our initial multi stage wash  process, the vehicle will be decontaminated for the removal of industrial fallout and of course the dreaded tar spots. The vehicle will be re washed before receiving a clay bar treatment to remove the last of the bonded contaminates, which leaves perfectly smooth paint.

We will then inspect the vehicle for defects and take a paint health check (thickness) and decide what is the best process of polishing to achieve a uniform and improved finish.

We will protect the paint work and its shiny new finish using a high quality wax, sealant or coating depending on our clients requirements.

Glass will also be sealed to improve visibility by creating a hydrophobic layer on which water will simply run off.
Interior will be subject to our standard interior detail so that the entire vehicle has a new lease of life and stunning new appearance

From £275.00

Outline of Service

A deep detail which cleans, enhances and refines the finish of your vehicle through a multi stage polishing process. Removing and reducing light to medium scratches, wash marring and etching.

Producing incredible gloss, depth and clarity to the paint work.

The final appearance is protected using a high quality wax,sealant or coating.


  • Wheels cleaned with a safe wheel cleaner and brushes
  • Wheels washed with dedicated wheel soap and brushes
  • Arches cleaned with brushed and citrus based cleaner
  • Wheel faces sealed with wheel wax/wheel sealant
  • Tyres dressed to natural finish


  • Lower panels & heavily soiled areas pre-treated with citrus based cleaner.
  • A Non caustic snow foam pre wash. break down down and loosen dirt and grime.
  • Multi stage safe wash processes.
  • Door shuts/panel gaps/fuel filler/badges agitated and cleaned.
  • Pat dried using ultra plush drying towels and drying aid to help eliminate the chance of marring.
  • Decontamination to remove industrial fallout/metal contaminants
  • Inspection and removal of tar spots
  • Clay bar treatment to ensure all contaminates have been removed
  • Second multi stage safe wash process
  • Pat dried using ultra plush drying towels and drying aid to help eliminate the chance of marring
  • Inspection of paintwork for defects
  • Paint health (thickness) recorded
  • Multi stage polishing process to remove/reduce defects such as scratches, marring and etching.
  • Refining polish to increase gloss, clarity and depth of finish
  • Post polishing preparation to remove any polish residue and oils
  • Paint work sealed and protected using wax/sealant/coating depending on clients requirements


  • Interior surfaces dusted.
  • Interior surfaces cleaned with non scented cleaner
  • interior surfaces dressed with anti static interior finishing spray. Leaving a non greasy natural finish.
  • Fabric seats brushed and vacuumed
  • leather seats cleaned and conditioned leaving a natural matte finish
  • interior vacuumed (including boot area)
  • Wet Vacuum/extraction on seats and interior carpets (where applicable)


  • Interior glass cleaned
  • Exterior glass cleaned
  • Windscreen sealed with high quality glass sealant
  • Side and rear windows treated with sprayable glass sealant


  • Exterior trim dressed
  • Exterior chrome/metal cleaned and polished
  • Exhaust tips cleaned/polished
  • Light engine bay detail (plastics cleaned and dressed)
  • Door shuts / sills protected with synthetic sealant
  • Paper floor mats provided
  • Hanging freshener provided
  • Final wipe down with detail spray (where required/depending on protection options chosen by client)
  • Final inspection

Please Note: All prices are shown as a guide only. The steps shown are for example only and can vary from vehicle to vehicle.  Price is determined by paint type, size and condition of vehicle .We will always discuss the work required with our client before the work commences to make sure that we get the best possible result for our client.