HDD Brake Through – Wheel Shampoo

We received a nice parcel from Shane(High Definition Detail) which included Brake Through Wheel Shampoo.

With some rather grubby Land Rover Discovery wheels we figured it would be a good test. To help form an accurate opinion of the products cleaning abilities we Ferrous Ferric to accompany it.

First up, lets take quick look at the product and the wheels they are going to be cleaning.

First thing we needed to do. Fill out buckets!

With a small amount of brake through added to our wheel bucket and then topped with water. We noticed straight away that it created some nice suds and the water certainly had an improved lubricity to it.

We plunged in our wheel woolies and we were ready to go!

Using a combination of our wheel woollies and standard sash brushes we set about cleaning the wheels.

While cleaning with the brushes it was very clear that brake through is an effective shampoo.

You can see in the second photo how good a job brake through did.

For good measure we used some Ferrous Ferric to remove any fallout which may still be present. We were very surprised at just how little was actually left behind.

Ferrous ferric did still manage to pull out some contaminates as you can see from the bleeding effect however its a lot less than if we had not cleaned the wheels with brake through.

As you can see from the final wheel photo considering the wheel was cleaned whilst on the vehicle and given the gentle nature of brake through. We would say it did a great job.

Overall we were very impressed with High Definition Detail’s Brake through.

It had a pleasant but subtle scent. It dilutes wheel which makes it cost effective.

A noticeable increase in the lubricity of the water.

In use it certainly had good cleaning power considering its much milder than either high acidic or high alkaline wheel cleaners. We would still recommended following up with your favorite fallout remover.

Over all another good produce from HDD.

The next test for us is pitting HDD Brake Through Wheel shampoo VS our favourite wheel cleaner, KKD Brake Away. It will be an interesting comparison.