This simply stunning BMW M4 GTS received our protection detail. By thoroughly decontaminating and cleaning all surfaces of the vehicle utilising our safe wash procedure and decontamination process. We can ensure that the M4 GTS will be clean and free from all dirt,grime, tar and other contaminates.

Ford Transit Custom

We had this Ford Transit Custom booked in with us to receive a protection detail.

The van received a full clean and decontamination before the paint work got sealed using an si02 based product which will provide protection for the coming months.

Range Rover Vogue

This Range Rover Vogue was booked in to us by our client after detailing his Porsche Cayman S. The Range Rover received a protection detail and some light polishing to remove some light scratch marks.

The Vogue was thorough washed and decontaminated before it was pulled inside for us to polish out some light scratches from the passenger side. Once we had rectified the defects we prepared the surface for by way of machine and SiRamik Nano Prime. This created the perfect base for us apply our sealant to ensure that maximum bonding took place.

Seat Leon FR

This lovely Seat Leon FR is maintained and protected by DWR Detailing so that it looks its best all year round.

We offer our clients a maintenance programme to make sure that their vehicles stay clean and protected no matter what time of the year it is.

Astra SRI

This lovely Astra SRI paid us a visit to receive a protection detail. Light coloured cars always suffer during the winter months as they often look dirty very quickly.

The Astra received a thorough clean and cleanse of the paint work. This including multiple wash stags with decontamination both physical and chemical. Using a tar removing solvent followed by a fallout remover reduced the number of contaminates immensely. This was followed by a careful but thorough clay bar process to make sure that we had perfectly clean paint ready to prepare for the protection.

Range Rover Evoque

We had this lovely Range Rover Evoque in with us for some isolated scratch removal as well as receiving as single stage polish to unleash the colour, gloss and flake.

We will be seeing the Range Rover Evoque again for a deeper correction but for now our client is very happy the extremely glossy and incredibly deep clarity the paintwork now shows.