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HDD Brake Through – Wheel Shampoo Review

We received a nice parcel from Shane(High Definition Detail) which included Brake Through Wheel Shampoo.

With some rather grubby Land Rover Discovery wheels we figured it would be a good test. To help form an accurate opinion of the products cleaning abilities we Ferrous Ferric to accompany it.

HDD Ferrous Ferric Review

We are always happy to try out new products and see how they perform. Shane of High Definition Detail sent us over some of his fallout remover Ferrous Ferric.

Ferrous Ferric is an IRON Fallout Remover Gel with superb clinging ability, quick reaction times & low scent.

A Gel Type Fallout Remover that will safely and effectively release IRON contaminants with ease, developed to cling on surfaces with a longer working time to capture IRON ferrous metals and IRON fallout particles indicating in an active colour change.

Auto Finesse Revolution Wheel Soap Review

We thought today would be a good time to write a little review of Auto Finesse’s Revolution Wheel Soap.

An advanced deep cleaning wash solution designed to break down brake dust and road grime whilst being gentle to painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes. Also helps in maintaining the life span of wheel sealants.

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