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330D, 220CDI and a Jeep! This weeks review!

Its been another very busy week here at DWR Detailing.

The highlights have been the BMW 330D; which is now wearing SiRamik SC15 offer long lasting protection.

We also got to spend some time with a Mercedes C220 CDI as well as fitting in keeping on top of a Jeep!

Chemical Guys Mat Renew – Mini Review!

Today saw us give Chemical Guys – Mat Renew a little test.

One of our clients has a Land Rover Discovery which has hard wearing rubber floor mats. These of course are cleaned thoroughly but over time they do start to fade and look a little tired.

This is where Chemical Guys Mat Renew is perfect.

SC Tyre And Trim

A quick post as we gave SC Tyre and Trim a little test to day!
Leaves a lovely dark finish, dries almost instantly and is not greasy.
This is another great product in the Siramik range. We will be looking to put this further to the test and to report back on durability

BMW I8 Maintenance

Today saw us visiting the BMW i8. The car had recently been into BMW. So we had the full day with the car. Cleaning and decontaminating the exterior before sealing the paint work with Auto Finesse Desire.

Discovery & Porsche – A Nice Weekend

We detailed this Porsche in March (View Gallery). Its wearing SiRamik Glasscoat SC15.

We were very happy to see the car when the owner brought it down to us over the weekend.

As you can see how well it looks after 5 months, this is one of hte many reason why we recommend SC15!