Astra SRI

This lovely Astra SRI paid us a visit to receive a protection detail. Light coloured cars always suffer during the winter months as they often look dirty very quickly.

The Astra received a thorough clean and cleanse of the paint work. This including multiple wash stags with decontamination both physical and chemical. Using a tar removing solvent followed by a fallout remover reduced the number of contaminates immensely. This was followed by a careful but thorough clay bar process to make sure that we had perfectly clean paint ready to prepare for the protection.

Our client opted for SiRamik SC15 on the Astra to provide uncompromised protection and of course an impressive boost to the paints final finish. Before application we primed the using Siramik Nano Prime and the Rupes Bigfoot.

Safe to say the Astra now looks amazing and SiRamik SC15 will see the protected for upwards of 12 months! Providing a defensive layer against all the road salt, grime bird lime and of course providing that epic water behavior.

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