About DWR Detailing

DWR Detailing is born from my passion for detailing cars. The joy of having a car that is not just washed, but one which is clean in every sense of the word. With an extreme attention to detail and the drive to have the best possible finish and the passion to detail continued to grow.

We use methods which have been tried, tested and developed in conjunction with products from top manufacturers in the detailing trade.

This allows DWR Detailing to clean, revive, enhance and protect, not only the paint work of a vehicle but the wheels, interior and glass.

The Right Service for Your Vehicle.

We understand that every person and vehicle is different.  We are always happy to discuss your requirements and make sure that you receive a level of service that is suited to your vehicle, your budget and surpasses your expectations!

We will always customise and tailor our services to make sure that you receive the best possible service and maximise the out come for your vehicle.

Featured Clients

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Accreditation and Peace of Mind!

DWR Detailing are fully insured for all work carried out on vehicles this which includes but not limited to Public Liability, Products Liability, Service Indemnity, damage to vehicles whilst being worked upon. So you can be assured that we only offer a high standard of work. Every vehicle is treated with the same care, attention and respect that we would give to our own vehicle.
DWR Detailing are based in County Durham.

We operate on an appointment only basis.

We are able to work at our own premises or on a mobile basis if discussed with a client prior to the appointment.

We are the only Auto Finesse Approved Detailer in the North East of England.