A Busy Day – Nissan GTR & Seat Leon FR

We visited a client today to care of both of their vehicles which are on our maintenance plan.

We offer our clients a maintenance programme to make sure that their vehicles stay clean and protected no matter what time of the year it is.

First up we had the Seat Leon FR, which as you can see certainly was ready for this monthly maintenance detail

The Leons wheels cleaned a wheel cleaner, wheel shampoo and various brushes. Fallout remover used to clean the wheels of the any bonded contaminates.  The body work receives a pre soak followed by our multiple stage safe wash process. A second wash process is used which helps maintain and add basic protection.

To finish a hydrophobic spray sealant is added which again tops up and adds to the protection making future cleaning much easier. This also improves the finish by making the car look a lot more glossy and helps bring out the vehicles colour.

Next up was the Nissan GTR which had recently received our protection detail. During the protection detail two coats of Auto Finesse Desire where applied to the paint work. This gave the car a lovely dark finish and also helps to protect the paint work.

The GTR received the same process as the Seat Leon. But with it recently been protected the GTR was almost effortless to clean!

Both vehicles are on a regular maintenance schedule so that they look stunning all year round.

Why not contact us to discuss a regular maintenance package for you own vehicle