Ultima GTR

When our client asked if we would like to give a little but of DWR Detailing treatment to his Ultima GTR we could not refuse! This Ultima GTR received our protection detail which has not only made the yellow look like liquid, but will protect it against the elements as well as making future cleaning easier.

The protection detail extends our standard detail and improves the protection of the vehicles finish.

After cleaning and decontaminating the vehicle. The exterior paint will be fully prepared to allow the best result from the chosen wax/sealant. As we have a large amount of products and process which cater for different needs, we will discuss this in depth to choose a product that compliments your requirements.

When applied will provide improved protection from UV Rays, bird lime, dirt and water spotting.

Not only will you vehicle look great it will also have impressive water behavior. Repelling water and dirt from the surface meaning you cars new finish lasts long as well as being easier to clean.

Designed as an annual or biannual service (depending on protection options chosen)