Range Rover Evoque

We had this lovely Range Rover Evoque in with us for some isolated scratch removal as well as receiving as single stage polish to unleash the colour, gloss and flake.

The car with only 3000 miles on it has one very careful owner but they knew there were a couple of issues which needed rectifying.

After thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the Range Rover was pulled into our unit for inspection. We isolated the worst of the RDS (Random Deep Scratches).

The Evoque was then treat to a single stage polish to remove and reduce the other instances of marring. This resulted in a major increase from the colour with incredible depth and gloss from the paint.

We will be seeing the Range Rover Evoque again for a deeper correction but for now our client is very happy the extremely glossy and incredibly deep clarity the paintwork now shows.

Customer Testimonial

First time that I’ve used DWR after hearing some fantastic stuff about them and I’m really pleased I did.
Dean is friendly, honest and really knows his stuff. Was able to come recommend and advise what would suit my RRE best and I was over the moon with the result.
If you really value your car and want to look after it then he is able to chat through options and explain what he can offer.
Spent around 8 hours with my Evoque and removed a couple of scratches and did a fantastic job in making the whole vehicle look amazing.
Will definitely be using DWR again and wouldn’t think twice about recommending his service and knowledge to friends and family.
Quality job, quality service and so happy with the results.

JonathanRanger Rover Evoque