Nissan Skyline R34 GTT

This lovely Nissan Skyline R34 GTT was booked into DWR Detailing for an enhanced detail with our SiRamik SC15 Upgrade.

SiRamik is a ceramic glass coating which when professionally applied will produced a super hydrophobic layer on top of the paint. Once this layer has fully cured it has great scratch resistant properties. As well as being super hydrophobic its water contact angle give the coating self cleaning properties, as dirt and grim struggles to attach itself to the paint and of course when it rains/washed anything on the surface simply disappears.

The coating when maintained correctly will leave the car protected for upwards and beyond of 12 months .

Customer Testimonial

I’ve used DWR Detailing for a few of my cars now, so naturally when my 15 year old R34 Skyline arrived from Japan I booked it straight in for a SiRamik protection detail. After Dean worked his magic, the cars paintwork was left looking better than most new cars.

As always, very happy with the service received from DWR! 10/10.

PaulNissan Skyline R34 GTT