Mini One D

We had this lovely Mini One D booked in with us for to get the car protected for summer.

Our customer wanted their car looking its best for summer as they had just fitted their new wheels.

The mini had been treated to our Protection Detail as we all as our wheel protection package, so that its fully protected to keep it looks amazing all through out the year,

Customer Testimonial

We had just fitted the new wheels to our Mini, but sadly it still didn’t have that wow factor. After taking it to DWR Detailing we couldn’t believe it was the same car! We have never seen the car look this good! Its safe to say that the car is now cleaner than when we took it from the show room! We are extremely impressed with Deans knowledge and customer care; We may only have a mini but we and the car were treat like it was a Ferrari! Amazing work! look forward to  using DWR Detailing in the future! Highly recommended!

MichaelMini Cooper One D