This lovely Mini Cooper S (F56) was booked in with DWR Detailing for a ceramic protection detail.

After a through clean and deep decontamination the Mini underwent various polishing stages to prime the vehicle ready for its application of the ceramic coating.

In this instance we opted for SiRamik SC15 which is one of our favourite coatings. Once applied there was an instant enhancement to the paint with increased clarity, gloss and depth while giving protection which will last upwards of 12 months when properly maintained.

Due to the hydrophobic (water hating) nature of the ceramic coating it also adds self cleaning properties to the vehicle. The water will be unable to stay bonded to the car will simply bead up and roll away, taking dirt and grime with it!

Customer Testimonial

I booked my Mini into DWR Detailing as I knew it needed protecting for winter. I choose to have the car protected using a ceramic coating. When I picked the car back up I couldn’t believe how good she looked! I had never seen the electric blue look so good! I always loved the colour but now its took on a new lease of life! Already had many people commenting on how good the car looks! Safe to say I’d always use DWR when my car needs any attention! It looks simply stunning now!

LauraMini Cooper S F56