Mercedes E250

We had this Mercedes E250 booked in for an enhanced detail.

Utilising our safe wash process we ensure that no more wash marring or swirls marks are inflicted. After our initial multi stage wash process and decontamination the now perfectly clean paint will be inspected for defects and a paint health check (thickness) will be recorded.

The vehicle will receive a single stage machine polish which will remove and reduce light scratches, wash marring. This will produce an impressive boost to gloss, depth and clarity to the paint work.

The final appearance is protected using a high quality wax, sealant or coating depending on our clients requirements.

Glass will also be sealed to improve visibility by creating a hydrophobic layer on which water will simply run off.

Interior will be subject to our standard interior detail so that the entire vehicle has a new lease of life and stunning new appearance

Customer Testimonial

The black paintwork on my car was in good order but as with most two year old cars it was showing signs of polish swirls and light surface scratches. I found this annoying and contacted DWR Detailing for them to propose a solution to either remove or reduce the amount of visual scratches on the bodywork.
Having contacted DWR I was impressed with the amount of informative information offered by them. I decided following their recommendation to go for an enhanced detail.

After the detail I was very impressed with the loss and reduction in visual scratches/ swirls and the glass like paintwork shine bringing out the metallic speckles with a depth not seen before.

Equally impressed today when a bird ‘pooed’ over the car and the paint protection meant the poo didn’t bed to the car and simply wiped off leaving no trace of damage.

I would have no hesitation in recommending DWR or using their services again.

SimonMercedes E250